Please, just try this page –

Press OFF and then ON.  What you see if an illusion which goes by the name, “opel kundt illusion”.

I’m sure you’ve seen newer features ever increasing on the products we utilize.  So for example, now we have mobile phones with projectors

Now does this addition make some people in the market happy and create a desire to buy??

What I’m asking is does this create an illusion of things being, smaller/bigger, than they really are(This might be physically or in your head or etc etc)…. and how much does that effect out desire to buy things??

Kevin Kelly’s got an amazing post at the Technium on stuff, which will help you think

He talks about the challenges new inventors/entrepreneurs face and his perspective of what do customers really want.

McLoud Drug Store

Is this a good time to start building ways in which a new product simply integrates without the customer getting into so much pain of shifting… I mean this is the edge if you were to look at the blue ocean

So, how does one break ground?  You tell me

Posted by Digvijay Singh Rathore

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