I’m a constant follower of this blog and most of the times there is a thought which matches very strongly.  So here was the smart bear talking about colors and I’m watching this awesome documentary – Cracking the color code: The Power of Color.

Some very interesting views in this documentary – “based on three years of extensive research. Cracking the Colour Code draws on a range of disciplines and leading experts – including physicists, neurologists, artists, ethnologists, colour consultants, historians, artisans and marketing executives – each in some way intimately concerned with the nature and power of colour. Each offers insights, even new discoveries, that will challenge our understanding of colour”.

For me, a sales/marketing/curious person, it was another weapon in the arsenal.  I mean if color can influence and there are huge organizations paying billions for, Color research, then why not use this knowledge….subtely maybe.

Color always makes meaning with a context but there are some general sensations which have always stood  – for example Red excites, Blue is calming, Black is evil and white is pure.  I mean we also subconsciously use it in our sentences and who knows perceiving things.

For example there is this guy who has crunched the numbers on boxing in the olympics.  The colors being compared were Red and Blue.  Guess who won more?

The ones in red.  What does this say? As per the researcher, the color Red induces a positive effect on the boxer dressed in red and the reverse for someone fighting him….I never imagined this.  Check this article from NY Times out for more details.

Now imagine a consortium of select Color forecasters who analyse and recommend huge corporations about which colors to choose.  Their opinion is priced at a premium – no doubt. This is another good example here.

J.C. Herz from an article in Wired – “That’s because it’s one thing to pick a risky shade when you’re producing 1,000 pieces, and quite another when a million skirts hit the racks. At that scale, manufacturers need some guarantee that their bottom line won’t be blown in an explosion of lime-green minis.”

As per Ken and Cherie Fehrman, co-authors of the book – “Color the secret influence” –

1. Orange influences our saliva glas so we get hungry….good idea for eating joints

2. The color of Rust makes us thirsty and the blue and white on packaged water bottles is for satisfaction of that thirst.  So a rust colored cap for instance

Going long back into history there are 3 colors which have always been around since human’s were in a society – Red(earth), Black(charcoal) and White(chalk or Rock).

All the cultures have a preference for Blue …especially females and would pick blue and would pick pink over red which is more bluish…

So much for color…

Posted by Digvijay Singh Rathore

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