Story Telling Approach To Sales

I’ve always used it and it seems to help most of the times.  The times it did not work was my fault though – needed a way to structure it, I guess.  Although there are some good places to go read about this, I pulled something out of an article for writing White papers and thought it could be adapted to how the story telling might work while making the stadium, elevator Etc pitch.

1. Introducing the HERO – Make sure that there is a single character or the hero.  REMEMBER this should be the prospect and not your company

2. Establishing the Situation of Danger – What’s the danger the hero is facing and trying to eliminate?

3. Define the HERO’s goal – Wants(goal), Motivation(why he wants it)?.  For example people don’t buy an AC but they buy comfort.  The motivation might be driven from the kids in the family being unhappy from the Heat.

4. Introduce a well defined Opponent to the HERO

5. Build the Climax( Make sure it’s a DISASTER in every sense of the word)

So this is how the story will need to look like –

HERO is in a Situation and must accomplish GOAL

But can the HERO defeat the Opponent when the Climax happens?

If YES, the HOW, is something which can be a Stadium Wise pitch or customized for that single person.

Posted By Digvijay “VJ” Singh Rathore

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