I’m running a Campaign – Choose the Value: What is the value we Provide / will provide?

I know it seems complex so, I’ll like to take a break and work on the, "Keep It Simple Stupid", Principle after taking the help from my guru – Seth Godin.

Whatever happens while we dictate value to a market playing the financial model, we need to remember that there exists a very simple definition of a Business model and no one else could have put it better than Seth himself.  So I take this opportunity to quote him from his blog

"Thinking about business models

A business model is the architecture of a business or project. It has four elements:

  1. What compelling reason exists for people to give you money? (or votes or donations)
  2. How do you acquire what you’re selling for less than it costs to sell it?
  3. What structural insulation do you have from relentless commoditization and a price war?
  4. How will strangers find out about the business and decide to become customers? "

He also goes on to separate the Web 1.0 world and says what carries even more meaning today –

" This business model revolution is just getting started. It’s’ not too late to invent a better one"

Posted By Digvijay "VJ" Singh Rathore

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