I’m running a Campaign – Choose the Value: What is the value we Provide / will provide?

Ok, from low hanging fruit to micro-segmentation of the various business models which I can target.  In my previous post, I had mentioned that this stage is about –

  • Customer segmentation
  • Market Selection / Focus
  • Value Positioning

This is the graphical description(existing business models) of the low hanging fruit I was speaking about(for more details lookup my previous post) –


Let me select the ISV’s(Independent Software Vendors) going SAAS(Software As A Service) for a sample run on how I can move ahead.


The software product model is broadly classified as depicted in the picture below –



A new product development for an ISV from a development standpoint consists of phases and depends on methodologies deployed, for ex, the RUP process


If I were to run a financial model for ISV’s, the costs would revolve around Development and Marketing, mostly.  For highly customized products the consultation costs also add-in(take huge ERP’s for example).


Many of my customers are SAAS companies and this is a vertical I certainly believe will bring technology to the masses. 

Check this table out for dynamic details 13 Publicly listed SAAS companies.  I got this detail from a blog posted by

Philippe Botteri from Bessemer Venture Partners.  They invest in companies going the SAAS way.


For me to add value, I need to understand the functional, economic and emotional components which would make sense for my targeted market.  More to come in my next post…

Posted by Digvijay "VJ" Singh Rathore

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