I’m running a Campaign – What is the value chain my customers/prospects operate in?

Big question and the debate may continue for ages.  And why is that?

The world is connected now and in simple words, every body is getting to be a part of somebody’s value chain.  Not hard to imagine, Kevin Kelly has talking about taxonomies and about how harder it is getting to  separate things(http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/).

Citing resources(http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0004803) from research done recently, this is the picture of how areas of knowledge(branches in modern science) link with each other.  This is done by mapping the citations among journal articles. These citations are footnotes referencing previous articles on the same or related subjects. Citations are the equivalent links in a posting. They take you to the source. Citation indexes tally these links by subject. Mapping software can display the patterns of links.


Another one –


Is there a turnaround?  More easier way..low hanging Fruit to describe where I will add value.  I know that any company which uses the Internet will be the most obvious target for someone in the kind of business I’m in.


Another Kevin Kelly input(http://kk.org/ct2/2009/03/taxonomy-of-business-models.php) helped me here too.

Detailed taxonomy of the existing business models for web sites(34% use Advertising, 12% a Variable Subscription model, and 8% each for Virtual Products (typically digital downloads), Related Products (typically a large software company offering a free product to attract you to their platform) and Pay-Per-Use)



He is referring to a study published by Dan Zambonini who is Technical Director of Box UK.  Thanks to him, I have a market defined and how that the list of business models employed by them also.




The following business models can be applied in addition to most of the basic revenue models described above.



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