I’m running a Campaign – Planning

Oh Yeah, I/We need more customers and I’ve been handed the baton to do this in a more planned manner.  I’ve done this earlier but this time, I hope to log the progress.  This article is open for anybody to use while they run into what I’m doing right now or otherwise. 


Let me start with what I call the, "Value creation and delivery sequence".


What is the value chain my customers/prospects operate in?

Each business, I target is a part of a value chain( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_chain – A value chain is a chain of activities. Products pass through all activities of the chain in order and at each activity the product gains some value. The chain of activities gives the products more added value than the sum of added values of all activities. It is important not to mix the concept of the value chain with the costs occurring throughout the activities. A diamond cutter can be used as an example of the difference. The cutting activity may have a low cost, but the activity adds much of the value to the end product, since a rough diamond is significantly less valuable than a cut diamond.) 

Matching this to Porter’s arrow:

Add value into it:Choose the Value: What is the value we Provide / will provide?

To earn business from my prospects, I need to provide value in their own set of operations.  Simply said, add into the value they provide to their clients

  • Customer segmentation
  • Market Selection / Focus
  • Value Positioning

Provide the value: How will we provide the value? Past/Present/Future

Ok, all said and done – How will I provide this value?  The curves below have been pulled up from an awesome book – Blue ocean Strategy(http://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/about/about.php).  This is something I like because V/S competition based strategies which are necessary, but not sufficient to sustain high performance. Companies need to go beyond competing. To seize new profit and growth opportunities they also need to create blue oceans


  • Product Development
  • Service Development
  • Pricing
  • Sourcing – Making
  • Distributing – Servicing

Communicate the value: How will the value be communicated? How is it communicated now?


Sales Promotion


The Marketing Mix

• Product

• Price

• Place (distribution)

• Promotion

• Services:

• People

• Physical evidence

• Processes

Marketing Mix and the 4 Cs

• Customer solution

• Customer cost

• Convenience

• Communication

Five Types of Needs

• Stated needs

• Real needs

• Unstated needs

• Delight needs

• Secret needs

Holistic marketing (dimensions):

Internal marketing

Socially responsible marketing

Relationship marketing

Integrated marketing


I hope to cover all the subjects as my campaign develops and HOPE IT WORKS 🙂


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