Yeah, 249 more

  1. Standalone iPhone app to access custom Ning sites
  2. A not-for-profit that creates tax deductions for builders if they house homeless in their unused properties under a supervised program.
  3. Online boxing training video service – Special high def in-depth videos online that teach you boxing, pay by subscription
  4. A website with completely transparent costs & profit margins
  5. Thai/ Mexican restaurant that serves Penang burritos.
  6. Open an macramé shop and try to bring back the 70s
  7. Anonymous Employee Feedback Portal on company Intranet w/votes, etc.
  8. AI system for your cell phone that tells you (in a speaking voice) when you have appointments, let’s you know where it is when you can’t find it, warns you when it’s starting to run out of juice. Learns your preferences and adapts to them and you can set things via voice recognition.
  9. Web / Touch-screen scheduling for small businesses (like restaurants).  Currently it’s always paper based and always changing.  Need ability to send a mass email / SMS to others to cover your shift.
  10. A pet consignment store. Your dog could get fat or grow out of the seasons fad. Maybe it doesn’t like camouflage anymore. This will keep your dog in the latest fashions for less.
  11. Replicate Swoopo for China.
  12. Virtual Music Studio – no need to fly in the artist to the studio
  13. Almost everything else is customizable today. Why not the best selling book in the history of the world?
  14. A website that creates a place for up-and-coming athletes. The site tracks their performance in competition and connects them to scouts and sponsors, in addition to letting them meet each other.
  15. Obama posterize your photograph
  16. Velvet Rope Dating Site
  17. Fed Ex/UPS alerts-something to notify you of when your package is there even if you’re not home (or a service that someone can wait for your package even if you’re not home)
  18. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business
  19. Zappos (best customer service)
  20. Open source SaaS delivered CRM software.
  21. A place where you can go and pop bubble wrap. Possibly a bar of some sort.
  22. Online service that features relationships online (will show how other people deal with their relationships, will be highly entertaining.)
  23. A service that calls patients to confirm their appointments or to call the doctors if their patients will be late. 
  24. Design your own custom running shoes.
  25. Docking station for the laptop that includes a printer and a fax
  26. Sell the slots to sing the National Anthem at ball games
  27. Home delivery service for hardware – traveling truck that has basic stuff like nails, screws, washers, drill bits, etc. that arrives within 30 minutes with what you need. Can also take custom orders for bigger things like lumber, etc. We buy and bring it for you.
  28. A heated brush to wipe cars off in winter
  29. Designer garage installation service.
  30. Shoes made of hemp and recycled rubber.
  31. 1-800-NOT-HOLD – $2 – $3 per call – a service that stays on hold for you and calls you when the operator picks up
  32. A Design the you Own Hawaiian Shirt site.
  33. Hamster babies. Specifically market a female and a male hamster capable of mating to customers interested in seeing the miracle happen at home.
  34. iPhone app with GPS based advertising once users signup (travel near your favorite business and you get a coupon via SMS)
  35. A site that asks for live feedback on fashion decisions the users made.
  36. Radio with a scan button that recognizes the format of the station and only stops on types you like
  37. Music for the deaf – Company that translates music into some type of visual system where the deaf can appreciate it.
  38. Importing antique soviet weapons and selling them mail order.
  39. There is no number 789.
  40. Unique cleaning business. Have your housecleaners bring samples of the delicious down home cooked meals that you can bring to them. Usually if someone is too busy to clean their house, they’re too busy to cook too. What if they had a complete meal brought to the home. You could eventually build up the meals to be 5 days a week. The word would spread. You could target busy people. By word of mouth, your cleaning business would grow. Clean everything. Windows, cars, gutters, dogs, furniture, fireplaces, chimneys etc.
  41. iPhone app that allows you to dial numbers rotary-style
  42. Futures market for high school and college students related to their future earnings
  43. Bodies: The Musical
  44. A google laptop with all the proper Gmail applications installed.
  45. After Party site that invites social groups to post info before and after their special events.
  46. Executive adventure concierge service (book "exclusive" adventures for rich people)
  47. A company parents secretly hire to teach kids a lesson. Parents hire a person to stage an accident or scare them to teach a life lesson such as don’t talk to strangers. Lesson learners.
  48. Car Repair Video Online Service – Detailed videos online of general car repairs that you can do by yourself.
  49. Holographic concerts
  50. Rent-a-screening room.  A collective space that artists/filmmakers could rent to screen their rough cuts/final versions.  There could be a casual space and then a more formalized space for final screenings.  
  51. A service where someone comes to your house and explains how to use and care for all of the technological devices (printer, computer, tivo, etc.)
  52. Personalized children’s videos where they’re favorite character says their name during the show
  53. Rent a personal assistant for the day
  54. Consulting for sustainability (with certifications and very official looking logos)
  55. Game design studio that creates only violent urban-themed games.
  56. eLance for books -> Users submit book idea & abstract -> agent -> publisher -> author
  57. Coaching service for adult intramural sports, for adults to get an edge in their recreational league
  58. Executive bath/shower business – Locations where executives can take baths to relax or showers to
  59. Dating service for people who are different than the norm; you could say "this person is great for xy" and then the other person can respond or not.
  60. A one-stop scholarship website without all the confusing mumbo jumbo.; very simple and easy to navigate for students
  61. Hedge fund of online identities (Domain names, Twitter, Facebook and GMail usernames)
  62. Online brand & reputation monitoring – help companies manage their online reputation
  63. A toothbrush that is environmentally friendly.
  64. Digital pricetags in retail stores that change based on supply and demand
  65. Book suggestions to help you break out of a rut in the type of book you read
  66. A gambling site that sends % of earnings to charity.
  67. Cubicle in a box decorations – for various holidays, birthdays, themes. Everything you need to decorate your cubicle provided at various price points based on quantity and quality of items.
  68. A company that tests each individual fish for mercury and PCBs, so your plate of sushi comes with the story and the numbers printed on a nice heavy stock card.
  69. Event to raise money to equip and train women in Sudan to become tailors
  70. A service that holds art shows in unused buildings.
  71. Web-based live feeds for big events, night clubs, sporting events, concerts, etc. on a pay-per-view model.
  72. A Gambling site that doesn’t pay the user in Cash but instead send the user items of equal value from Amazon.
  73. Company that organizes & executes business retreat / team building activities based on adventure sports
  74. Customer service "call center" that provides customer service via twitter and the web rather than by phone.  Think outsourced comcastcares.
  75. Buying old Leslie Cabinets and doing refinishing, then turning them into "boutique" guitar rigs…
  76. International stationary store housing beautiful journals, pens, paper, writing supplies imported from other countries from people who make these supplies locally.
  77. Software to anonymize online sales, able to accommodate micro-payments.
  78. Genetic/DNA cloning of French and Italian truffles sold to fine restaurants.
  79. Rent a llama or goat to eat your front yard
  80. Bricks made in different shapes – triangles, tessellations, etc. – for homebuilding
  81. A product that takes away the static from hair during wintertime.
  82. iPhone app that lists fake and snobby things to say about the wine you just drank
  83. Online school for niche professions such as truck driving, nuclear waste disposal, environmental cleanup, etc.
  84. A spin class where attendees select the music and routine before the class.
  85. Service that reads books aloud. (non-fiction books require concentration and focus, which some people have a hard time doing while reading. If someone could read the whole thing at a proper pace, it would make it easier to concentrate.)
  86. Real mail order brides service with real multimedia interactions to help lonely guys really decide and have confidence and trust in the service.
  87. Group travel company that only does extreme sports locations and activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. for thrill seekers.
  88. free iPhone app that has a more valuable desktop client application that you charge for
  89. Shared umbrella rental locations. A person would have to check them in and out. A monthly fee would be charged.
  90. A website that aggregates food in grocery stores that is about to expire and gives you a big discount on it. This would help to greatly reduce the millions of tons of pre-consumer food waste each year.
  91. Kiosk in movie theaters that tell you where else the movies are playing if they are sold out.
  92. Bike Garage. A garage within a current attended car garage that stores bikes for a small fee and you are guaranteed it will not be stolen.
  93. A combination blogging platform / analytics package for high school teachers that would let students put their writing online. The idea is that the software would teach students to write something that people actually want to read, using the analytics to track how many people read the writing and how much time they spend reading it when they don’t have to. Students could then compare their writing with kids in other classes and at other schools, and the best student writing would be featured internally within the community via some Digg-like interface.
  94. Environmentally friendly carpentry company that takes old wood and furniture and re-purposes or refurbishes. Example you are having a room remodeled and have extra wood. This company will come by your house, take the unused or old wood and create it into
  95. A website that you can interact with your doctor via webcam.
  96. Eco-friendly wedding dresses and formal wear – made from sustainable fabrics like bamboo.
  97. Instead of working at burger king in high school, a service that employs kids to be mentors for others.  It holds the mentor to a standard of quality and improvement by teaching someone else, and the mentee will benefit.
  98. Company that puts on high school and college reunions.
  99. Online game shows that allow massively multiplayer video interaction with more than at least 100 players simultaneously.
  100. Structural alignment analysis company – Via webcam a trained specialist will look at your spine curvature and give you a structural analysis
  101. A place to play board games and eat/drink, like a coffee house, but where board games are the main focus.
  102. Skyding for executives – Company that focuses on team building by taking groups of executives skydiving
  103. Software company that helps companies deal with the coming regulations that are a part of the backlash or reaction to the global financial crisis.
  104. Swiss Army Squid – connection device that can connect just about anything
  105. Sell a higher end pillow and blanket for red-eye and long / overseas in coach class
  106. An online carpooling service where you can pick your location and route and the service will compile a list of people, cars and route for you to travel.
  107. Design stylish toothbrush holder with big holes to handle modern toothbrushes!!
  108. A national chain of tool libraries. So you can subscribe and then check out a hacksaw or an awl, without having to own your own set of tools.
  109. Companies that bring workout equipment and trainers to offices at lunch hour.
  110. A headband that plays music
  111. Regional import/export company within US borders for regional specialties.
  112. Online health monitor service – Luxury health monitoring system where sensors transmit health  data to doctors (like in NASA) doctors are alerted when readings become abnormal
  113. Employee referral service that hires well-trained people for medical offices.
  114. A music site that gives the user a playlist based on Dance lingo, i.e., “I need a tango count at 127 beats per minute.” done.
  115. Green pharmaceutical company – Manufacturer of drugs with completely green standards
  116. A playlist .com that allows users to stream their friends playlists and create their own but with a recorded personalized introductions to each song.
  117. A non-traditional school that combines academic education with martial arts principles and training (An academy of sorts of smart Shaolin monks)
  118. Book summary podcast – would include a long version with an in-depth summary and a lazy person’s version with three things to know and what to say when someone asks you about it.
  119. Service that de-clutters your home when you aren’t there
  120. A material you can put on your windows to keep the noise out.
  121. Glow in the dark keychain so I can find my keys in my purse!! Only ones I can find are either of bugs or Skelanimals. There’s nothing appropriate for a stylish grown woman.
  122. A company that makes nice metal sign ‘street maps’ for small towns and neighborhoods that don’t have them
  123. Tailoring jeans business – Tailor clothes in-store by clients needing service, but only jeans
  124. Luggage with RFID chips in them for better tracking
  125. In-sourced IT for small business (Geek Squad on IT / server side)
  126. Online karaoke contests.
  127. The vast majority of niche file types are currently not indexed by Google. Even though these file types make up only a fraction of a percent of what people are looking for, if you were able to create a search engine that covered a wide variety of these then there might be some opportunity. For example, if your search engine can index .sfg files (for Go players), .mm files (mind maps), etc.
  128. A store that specializes in high end and unique baby items
  129. Online ordering service for girl-scout cookies. Fundraising using online resources and a blog for both girl and boy scouts.
  130. A blog widget, representing a mini version of a blog that can be embedded with html code.
  131. A battery operated heating pad with no cord attached
  132. A website that aggregates people who want to complain about their college. Something along the lines of
  133. Personalized sports coaching, videotaped and compared against videos of professionals to compare  form.  Users can review & manage their videos online.
  134. Software that combines or integrates multiple customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  135. A device that lets you take all the liquid out of the bottle, instead of just turning it upside down and waiting for it to accumulate at the bottom.
  136. Etsy consulting service – Consult people on how to better build their Etsy stores
  137. Trash systems using pneumatic tubes for trash, recycling and compost. Put the right thing in the right tube and it sends it to the appropriate can or pile.
  138. Pay per Tweet service – we tweet for you
  139. Books tied in with local radio shows – example: KERA in Dallas has a show Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. People have been clamoring for a compendium for years, but they don’t have the resources to do it.
  140. Coordinator service for independent maids
  141. Wait for a table for you at the bar or restaurant
  142. Angel; where users upload photos of their favorite people, attach digital angel wings, etc, and explain why they love this person. A love blog that is intended to be express gratitude to important people.
  143. A blind date site where the site picks you will date, but you gain karma by going out on good dates with people. The more karma you earn the better people the site picks for you to date in the future. After each date the site sends a rubric to the person you went out with, and you can gain karma for things like showing up on time, buying the other person a drink, being nice, being a good conversationalist, not being clingy, etc. The site starts out as a blind dating website, but then other people get to write about you and post pictures of you. So essentially your identity is created by other people through what are at first blind dates, but as you gain karma and reputation becomes like a more traditional dating site but that is verified by the masses. The experience would be designed by merging the latest research and theory on dating with the latest research and theory on digital identity.
  144. A website that is an aggregator of coffee shops with their prices and amenities in your area.
  145. iPhone app that shows what green businesses are nearby
  146. Beer steins in the shape of internal organs. Big in med school.
  147. Glass floor company – Specializes in installing luxury glass floors into residential buildings
  148. Pull the a streaming site that allows users to aim and fire real bullets at junk.
  149. Rent a wingman
  150. A stove that can sense when there’s nothing in it and turns itself off after a set time
  151. Movie scene – come play your favorite character in your favorite movie scene
  152. A water testing kit to see if your water has minerals and crap in it and is making you sick
  153. Online forum for women’s ministry leaders
  154. A non-profit that works to rid of consumer holidays such as valentines day.
  155. iPhone – ExtremeLocator – finds something near you to push you out of your comfort zone (bungee, skydiving, improv)
  156. An instrument manufacturer who uses recycled materials and boldly displays what the consumer’s instrument used to be, i.e. a pick-up truck.
  157. A penny collectors shop.  Specialize in charging hourly fee + face value for people to search large piles of pennies to fill out their collection
  158. A restaurant that specializes in exotic flavored tortillas and call it Torts. “Give me a Tabasco tort, please. Thank you.”
  159. A service that trains socially awkward people about how to interact in situations and will answer specific questions about how to overcome their issues.  Will even provide tailored situations to help the person overcome their fears.
  160. Custom Jelly Bean Store that allows consumer to pick from exotic flavors, like cilantro or bacon.
  161. iPhone app that is a web browser with an instant "black screen" button.  This allows you to browse the internet while taxiing in an airplane and make the screen go black instantly if a flight attendant walks by.
  162. Only Gloves store – Online store that sells only gloves, every type you can imagine but only gloves
  163. A TED conference for people the age of 10-18. Kids can make a difference this conference will inspire other kids that they can too.
  164. Package pickup service – Specializes in picking up packages at the post office that you weren’t home to receive.
  165. Children’s language schools that immerses children in foreign countries with the goal of world citizens able to speak at least four languages fluently.
  166. A consulting firm that does a roll-up of social science professors. So, for example, a new dating site wants to learn about the 20 most counteruitive scientific findings on internet dating that will help them be more successful than their competitors. Or a grocery store wants a quick way to find someone who can optimize their layout around the way that people make purchasing decisions. There are plenty of social science profs who would consult for 500 bucks an hour if they didn’t have to find the clients or do the paperwork, and there are plenty of organizations who want to do stuff like this, except for that there is currently no easy way to go about finding the right person.
  167. I don’t get it – website to explain jokes to people
  168. School where teachers are hired to be directors for their programs and are in charge of setting standards and hiring for their departments. (Think like an athletic director is to the athletic program.) They’re then held accountable for how the entire team of people does. Principal just hires the director just like the GM only hires the coach, who then hires and manages the assistant coaches.
  169. Most people order only one or two different things each time they go to the same restaurant. They only do that because they haven’t tried the other ones and know that they like the plate they got last time How about a restaurant that only has 7 dishes. But, each one of those dishes is the best dish you have ever tasted in that category. Nothing in the restaurant is just okay. After the waiter takes their order, and before the food is served, he could bring them a sample of the food that they didn’t order. Then, after the bill is delivered, the waiter can say, "So, you tried # 4, but it’s nothing compared to #6. See your tomorrow".
  170. Lie detector company – Company that sells lie detectors to organizations other than law enforcement, such as businesses
  171. Economic Collapse Insurance Company – Insurance company that protects consumers against a financial collapse
  172. BMW Adventure Tours based on Long Way Down and Long Way Round
  173. Hamper/washer/dryer in one that runs quietly.
  174. A day planner that plans my day for me; based on my to-do list, what my friends are doing, and also what’s going on in the local area. Also, populate the bulk of my to-do list automatically based on what my friends in the same classes are adding to theirs. Plan social dates for me based on when my friends and I are free. Introduce me to people I don’t know but should know.
  175. An area in airports that is similar to the Crown Room and other airline lounges but does not require an annual fee.
  176. E-book versions of auto repair manuals that could be downloaded from a website rather than waiting to get them in the mail or hope that the store had the one for your car.
  177. Design your own scarves business – Submit scarf designs online, and company will print and ship t-shirts
  178. Custom Bible Printing – Company that prints unique, "one-off" Bibles.
  179. Real estate development focused on small scale LEED projects since most LEED projects are large scale projects right now.
  180. Watch or device that shows air quality or other green attributes
  181. A restaurant with a digital menu where users can vote on and create menu items – "The Julie Lewisburger"
  182. Ethical Hotline – Ethics experts answer questions related to ethics for fee per hour
  183. Prediction market website for major sports
  184. Ability to pay for items with phone
  185. A “Pandora” like site that streams topic related news video from competing broadcasters.
  186. Using the same model for Toms, a company will do the same with a jackets. If you buy a jacket (think Patagonia fleece) they will donate a similar jacket to someone who needs it in a cold country.
  187. A service that connects the homeless with someone who is regularly integrated into society.  This person will become friends with the homeless person and talk with them, help them to believe in themselves again.
  188. Docking stations for coffee shops, airports, any public place
  189. Mobile tool sharpening service
  190. Website to trade shot glasses
  191. Power brick that you can pickup at one gate and drop off when you leave – enough to power your devices for the entire flight
  192. When all the book stores go out of a business a company that buys all the books and groups them together so you can buy a library of books for a discounted price.
  193. Designated driver service – Company will send someone to drive you and your car back home if intoxicated
  194. Local real estate site-organizes ALL lots, deed rest. prices, etc-for developers, realtors, builders
  195. Create forums to match small biz’s with college student projects (biz’s save $, stu’s get real apps)
  196. Someone who teaches other people how to blog.  This person could go to enthusiasts who want to share their ideas and teach them about blogging as a platform to spread those ideas.
  197. Boot Camp – bodyweight arenas in smaller cities – NAVY Seal as spokesman – "Curves" version of a bootcamp – get one national brand
  198. A chips and salsa restaurant  across the street from universities. Serve only the 5 most addictive salsas known to mankind (not just any salsa). Offer corn or flour tortilla chips, two kinds of meat and one kind of cheese. Then, after the first plate, bottomless chips and salsa (meat and cheese not included). Make it fairly cheap so college students can go regularly, but make the money on drinks. Chips and salsa are super cheap to make and they make people thirsty.
  199. A technology/service that takes role at religious services so you can tell who attends each week.
  200. Weight Gain support group business – Weight watchers for people who want to gain weight, hold meetings and sell products
  201. Photo website that tells photographers (online bootcamp) how to act/not act on first days, what to do on shoots, basic photo info, where the jobs are for a particular niche.
  202. Archive service that stores and disposes of all records in accordance with various business and tax laws. (physical and digital)
  203. Services that teaches doctors about escripts, technology, paperless charts, dictations.  Doctors should be able to take their charts home and read them if they want to.
  204. A service that specifically helps professionals transition from one job to another (give them a plan B with all the financial, scheduling, and new job worries taken care of; tell them how it works for them.)
  205. Emergency preparedness packages sold through retail.
  206. A free documentary video site streaming a huge archive with limited commercial breaks.
  207. A not-for-profit that works with minority students in their schools. They go in and help include information about their culture and/or religion in the school curriculum. 
  208. Brain analysis company – In detail brain analysis direct to consumers so they can understand if their brain is healthy and suggest improvements
  209. Sell environmental offsets based upon other "green house" emissions (other than carbon) – plant trees and reclaim land at stupid profits while "certifying" business as "zero-emission" and "fully sustainable"
  210. Audio resource to text transcription service (using Indian transcribers). Used by any organization that has a lot of audio (spoken word) resources. Church sermons, educators of all kinds. Put into searchable database driven website so that their constituents can search and find content. Same concept but synced up to the audio file for search purposes. Makes podcasts searchable.  User searches for term. Can see transcript and then listen to excerpt.
  211. Fake letterman jackets with letters for things like class clown or ollie creator or probably something obscene that someone would want.
  212. Web-based Health Savings Accounts management software.
  213. Advertising network for third party apps on platforms like Facebook, iPhone, Google Android, etc.
  214. A split-screen dance instruction video that shows multiple views of the same instruction. Perhaps a foot-print animation that matches the dancers foot placement.
  215. Eco-consulting – showing companies or consumers how they can become more green and energy efficient
  216. A not for profit that rids gas guzzling cars and trades cars in for eco-friendly model and recycle the parts.
  217. Marrying dating and fashion. Have a full day makeover service bringing in all the best beauty and fashion providers end the day with a big party for guys and gals to meet at a party.
  218. Make a Triple Snuggy.
  219. Nicotine ice cream–Nicocream – comfort food that helps you quit smoking (or addicts you to ice cream)
  220. Driving Drummer. Steering wheel cover/drum synthesizer. Drum sounds come out of your speakers.
  221. A cosmetics line for guys sold in specialty stores and gay boutiques.
  222. Consulting service that teaches companies how to improve their data visualization (use the right graphs and charts)
  223. Private equity fund that invests in growth equities in the consumer product space with the filter of marketing products that tell great stories.
  224. Buy a bike – give a bike (like Tom’s Shoes but for bikes)
  225. A service that digitizes all your photos.
  226. Goth Coffee Shop, built to look like a dungeon and designed to welcome the darker side of teen community.
  227. A wallpaper that is made entirely of small speakers. Sound Paper.
  228. Personal research service – you tell me what you want, I go find information on the top three things you should choose from.
  229. Higher quality snack boxes sold inside the airport (since on-plane snack boxes are bad)
  230. 4 Hour Work Week style consulting – helping people determine what their time is worth and outsource the rest – establish long-term relationships with outsourcing vendors, etc.
  231. A service that provides internships for college students that are geared toward their interests; comprehensive list of jobs/internships available updated in realtime (like craigslist but specifically for high quality jobs) with an arts section, business, leadership, medicine, etc.
  232. Fingernail clippers and other household items shaped like sea creatures.
  233. Custom gum flavors
  234. Purple Cow Products – Help companies "remarkable-ize" their products and improve usability
  235. Patent and Trademark online Business – Consumers can download forms, submit, and process patent/trademark all online
  236. Mental sports combine – Bootcamp to use mental conditioning sports psychology techniques for sports athlete
  237. Service to purchase collectibles for you while I’m on trip
  238. Rental shop with sports team mascots costumes
  239. Connect the unemployed with skill/network building volunteer work.
  240. Website to allow people to rate the sports announcers and try their hand at it to prove they can do better. (Surely I’m not the only person who says exactly what the announcers say before they do? It’s annoying that they can’t provide more insight than I can. Why am I listening to them then?)
  241. Garage sale marketing and promotion service
  242. Website service coordinating “parent swaps” – you be a point person to provide limited care for someone’s parents locally, someone else cares for your parents in their location
  243. A website that only sells water bottle and water bottle accessories. The message and call-to-action is to encourage drinking tap water.
  244. Wall paper company where you pick the image and they create the wallpaper.
  245. Open a recreation shop that is really a type of day care.  Parents drop their kids off to do supervised crafts while they shop for an hourly fee + materials
  246. Jot for your car
  247. Enterprise software web portal supported by advertising.
  248. City-sponsored citywide Wi-Fi
  249. Fractional Ownership for Charity –  like a SuperKiva – all pitch in and buy a new clean water supply for a village

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