Inflection points and moving to horizontal from vertical

Only 3 things –

  1. The US car industry
  2. The Terror Attacks in Mumbai, India
  3. Andy Grove’s – Only The Paranoid Survive


1. The US car industry

They’re in pain and they are vertically oriented(from a study – click here for the full version). 

There are bailout talks and lot’s of boo-haa.

2. The Terror Attacks in Mumbai, India

"The first forces sent to the scene were inexperienced local police officers, who suffered many casualties as a result," said the article published in Friday’s edition of the daily.

It took some time before military and security authorities realised the scope of the attack and deployed skilled security forced, including army and navy commando units,"

3. Andy Grove’s – Only The Paranoid Survive

 Strategic Inflection Point

Strategically, an inflection point occurs when the old strategic picture dissolves, and gives way to the new, allowing a business to soar to new heights. Unfortunately, from the inside, it is not evidenced as a pinpoint in time when everything changes, but rather a long period of extreme unrest. Corporate statements and operational actions are not aligned. Ideas about the right direction will split people on the same team. In a workplace that used to function collegially and constructively, holy wars will erupt. Chaos reigns.

Moving from a Vertical to a Horizontal Industry

The following example shows how the computer industry has changed from a vertical to a horizontal industry.

When a strategic inflection point sweeps through an industry, the more successful a participant,was in the old structure, the more threatened it is by change, and the more reluctant it is to adapt to it.

Whereas, the cost to enter a given industry in the face of well entrenched participants can be very high, when the structure breaks, the cost to enter may become trivially small.


So what I’m thinking is – it’s Inflection point for the US car industry and it’s time to get a well planned crisis body horizontally operate in India and not wait for commands moving in vertically.


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