Idiots guide to body language

I pulled a summary out of a winning sales advice written by John Boe, president of John Boe International.

Here it comes:

There are two categories of body postures: open/closed and forward/back. In an open and receptive body posture, arms are unfolded, legs uncrossed and palms are exposed. In a closed body posture, arms are folded, legs are crossed and the entire body is usually turned away.


  • Leaning back and closed = Lack of interest
  • Leaning back and open = Contemplation and cautious interest
  • Leaning forward and closed = Potential aggressive behaviour
  • Leaning forward and open = Interest and agreement

Head gestures

  • Head neutral = Neutral and open attitude
  • Tilted back = Superior attitude
  • Tilted down = Negative and judgmental attitude
  • Tilted to one side = Interest

Facial gestures

  • Eye rub = Deceit, "see no evil"
  • Eye roll = Dismissive gesture that indicates superiority
  • Looking over top of glasses = Scrutiny and a critical attitude
  • Nose rub = Dislike of the subject
  • Hand or fingers blocking mouth = Deceit, "speak no evil"
  • Chin stroking = Making a decision
  • Thumb under chin with index finger pointing vertically along the cheek = Negative attitude and critical judgment

Posted by Digvijay "VJ" Singh Rathore

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