Sun Microsystems Startup Bootcamp with TiE Delhi on May 30th

  • Is there a magic formula for building a startup?
  • What’s available in the ecosystem to help entrepreneurs with ideas?
  • Partnership and How it really matters? 
  • How to we equate the human side of things as a resource management function?
  • What’s the VC’s take?

These were a few questions and topics discussed in this Bootcamp.  There was a mixed audience – Entrepreneurs with ideas, VC’s, Successful Startup  companies and other players.  Sun Microsystems is doing what it takes to help startups utilize technology as an enabler.  I work for this program with NaviSite( being a Sun SSE partner and providing discounted hosting services for startups.  For more details click here –

I’m going to TAG – Phrase TAG some ideas which were present in the air while I attended the program.

  • Sanjay Sharma( – On social networking and Sun vision -"The network is the computer"
  • Rakesh Verma( – "It all started as a dream"
  • Rohit Agarwal( – Build to scale – think(concurrent users, response time, stability, scaling, browsers)
  • Rakesh(Founder – – "Your team members get -time based increase in equity)"
  • Rajeev(Founder – Indipay) – "Date your co-founder"
  • Sudhir Sethi( – Don’t market, inside out, but, "Outside In".
  • Dhruv Shringi( – remember liquidity preferences and Preference shares
  • Sasha Mirchandani( – Think of it like a movie business but the difference is that all we have is a 10 page business plan to trust and invest.  The risk/reward puts us in the 10X  return category, it’s common sense.

By the way guys, if you’re bootstrapping, I would recommend reading this great manifesto from Seth Godin from my eSnips account by clicking HERE.  It’s great you have a dream but remember you’re running a business.

Posted by Digvijay "VJ" Singh Rathore

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