I was speaking with a colleague of mine and talking about marketing strips which help when you are hurt.  Imagine, you get hurt and receive a call immediately asking whether you want Band-Aid delivered in 30 seconds but the rat goes up 2 times.  This might sell or?????


Did Newton invent gravity or did he give the phenomenon a name? 

Now there are many brands which help you while you’re cut, but we all like to call those strips, Band-Aid, don’t we? 

So, what do people associate Band-Aid with ??

I picked this up from – – it surely helps, imagine your own Microbrand??

These are the unsized tags –

Band-Aid: fix boo boos ? a band aid adhesive adobe after aid aids all-better american auch babies baige band band aid band aid brand band-aid band-aids bandage bandages bandaid bandaids bleeding blister blood bob geldof bono boo boo boo-boo boo-boos booboo boring brand but care carve cheap child childhood children clean coca comfort concert coverage cure cut cute cuts death dependable efficient emergency everywhere feed the world feel better feels good finger finger cut fire first aid first aide first-aid fix fix it ford g.i. joe geldof geldoff generic germs dont stick on me good gross heal healing heals health health adn safety heeling help helpful helpfull honest house hurt hurthy hurting i am stuck on band aid i am stuck on band aid brand i hurt myself illness injury intuit it hurts johnson & johnson johnson and johnson kids kind kleenex latex allergy little mermaid live aid love love 3m low quality man me medical medical supply mercedes minor cut mom mommy music neosporin nike nipple nipples no idea no place nostalgic nothing nurse old old school ouch ouch! ouchie ouchy ouchy healer ow owee owie owie, all better! owies pain patriotic perfect photo pink pixel placsters plaster plasters plastic pool poor quality protect protection quality radiation red red cross reliable right on time ruby safe safety scab sex shampoo shoe sick sicky skinned knee smell smelly soft solid sore spongbob standard stick sticks sticky stop strips stuck stuck on stuck on stuck on me stuck on you style taupe tear the one & only the one and only the only one timeless tin toddler totalitarian trusted trusted help ubiquitous universal us elastoplast useful useless utilitarian virile weak web 2.0 wellness wet who? wound wounds yes

Posted by Digvijay "VJ" Singh Rathore

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