“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

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Dear Readers:

Do you believe in the Golden Rule? Does "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" reverberate through your entire being and give you goose bumps when you get it right? When you sense someone’s need, do you strive to fill it or overlook it? Therein, as Shakespeare would say "is the rub." The difference in what we do comes from our rationale for doing it. Selfish motives are not applicable because the ego is the central focus and beneficiary. Motives that acknowledge and embrace others are inclusive not exclusive. Dr. Hill endorses applying the Golden Rule by becoming a builder, not a destroyer. The mission of the Golden Rule is to build up not tear down.
Our guest column today is written by William F. Keefe. His subject is Andrew Carnegie and the libraries that he funded in the State of Indiana. When we consider the magnitude of Carnegie’s generosity in giving away 90% of his accumulated wealth in grants for libraries nationwide, we begin to appreciate the unparalleled generosity of this Scotsman. 155 separate communities in Indiana alone were recipients of Carnegie’s love for reading and for the buildings that were dedicated to the housing of books. Lovingly dubbed the Patron Saint of Libraries, Andrew Carnegie is touching lives yet today because of his profound philanthropy.
Napoleon Hill was strongly influenced by Andrew Carnegie. Perhaps his ideas concerning the Golden Rule and Going the Extra Mile have a positive correlation with life as Carnegie modelled it for the young Hill. Seeing the positive uses that wealth could be put to, Dr. Hill began to uncover the true riches of life. Isn’t it ironic that a cub reporter tells the story of the world’s wealthiest man, and his subsequent philosophy of success immortalizes the man as much as Carnegie’s monetary gift to the world? It has been said, life is strange. Hill states that there is a Law of Compensation in effect universally. Simply put, this is the law of Karma. In colloquial language, it is stated most efficiently as "what goes around comes around." Now might be a good time to ask yourself, what type of energy are you sending out? Are you a builder or a destroyer? Watch out, because it could easily come back around to diminish you or to uplift you! And it is all because of the little word – do. What you do is what you get over time. Hill refers to two envelopes that life hands to us on the moment of our birth. One labelled RICHES and the other labelled PENALITIES. Which one will you open? What you do determines your fate.
Until next week – Be Your Very Best Always

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