Oracles SMB Attack: The Killer B Segment


Attended an Oracle webinar on how to position solutions for the SMB market and the post below shows some highlights:

The webinar helped me learn about 2 aspects of Oracles strategy to win new markets.

  1. Targeting the Professional services industry.
  2. How to fight SAP’s approach to winning the SMB market.

Targeting the Professional services industry

In the seminar the vital point was that Professional Services industry makes for a large sum in the IT sum market and the sum spent by SMB’s in this industry is a good one. The tables shown below give a better idea.



Although Oracle has a good market share of the big guns as the pointers below show:


§ 9 of the top 10 Global IT Services firms run Oracle applications.

§ 8 of the top 10 "Best Firms to Work for" in Consulting Magazine run Oracle applications.

§ 27 of the top 35 companies on InformationWeek’s list of most innovative consulting and business services firms run Oracle applications.

§ 10 of the top 10 leading outsourcing service providers run Oracle

This should support Oracles drive to focus on the SMB market in the professional services market.

For Oracle the industry is broken into 3 segments:

  1. Business services
  2. Professional services
  3. Staffing services

Oracles focus is in the business and professional services industry. A Forrester report (you can download the report at my eSnips account here) points to the Project Based Approach which the services industry needs to take to better its returns from the business marketplace. An idea about the customer lifecycle is pasted below:

How to fight SAP’s approach to winning the SMB market

Now a project needs several functional areas supporting complex customized projects and the Forrester report points to them:

What SAP cannot do with its Business one solution is provide all this functional ability to Professional services businesses.

The snapshots of the functional modules and integration capabilities is shown below:

Some other pointers were:

  1. Use a all guns approach while prospecting-site Client references, Position the problems associated with SAP’s solution
  2. First to market approach, cover as much territory as possible.

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