Converged Networks, Value Chain Dynamics and the Value enhancement dilemma -2

So, why am I looking at just the market segmentation for carriers?  The answer lies in the fact that when looked as an economic identity with a flow of commerce between the players the scene looks something like this:


This diagram above is from a paper presented by Shawn O’Donnell at MIT.  You may want to have a look at this wonderful piece of research here.  The point is that there are many new value chains coming into play in the scene due to technological, business and regulatory changes.  The job of successful players in the diagram shown above is to understand  these subtle but sure changes in the market and align themselves to go with the flow in unison to the current.  I had mentioned Kawashima’s research in the last post and its worth a look.  I will try to run through some value chains present, the new ones coming up and also try to ponder upon the dilemma of driving horizontally or vertically in a value chain.

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