Converged Networks, Value Chain Dynamics and the Value enhancement dilemma -1

Long time with a shift in the place I work, the customers I target and a different employer having a potpourri of stuff to offer in a very strange market place.

I need to be using a different mind-set while understanding where we stand and how we target and this led me to investigate our position in the market and what was happening with the hosting and carrier space.  So, I turned to the basics about how the market space was segmented and who were the players. A brilliant thesis by Masahisa Kawashima(this thesis was written while he was a research scientist at NTT) on Telecom Value Chain Dynamics and Carriers’ Strategies in Converged Networks helped me get a start.  You can download the thesis at my eSnips account here.  I am a Telecom engineer by education and it was good to hear the ILEC’s and CLEC’s terms coming out again. 

He breaks the market using Geoffrey Moore’s ideology in crossing the chasm(get a summary here), like this:

So, with bandwidth costs falling and network topologies getting fuzzy, what is the future of the value chains including Carriers, hosting companies,managed services providers??.  Do you grow stronger horizontally or get a vertical offering in place?

 I hope to answer these questions and get a better understanding myself in the next blog.

Posted by Digvijay Singh Rathore

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