Software Wars:


Came across this awesome diagram at,, which gives us a good idea on how things are settling around Mr. Gates.  Athough there are some areas in the diagram where I find things not what they are like, but full points for this approach.  This will surely help companies running their business lines in the Software Ecosystem understand the battle and find beach-heads.

Ray Ozzie is the chief software architect and this is what The Ozzie man had to say when asked about his tenure at Microsoft for the last 2 years in an interview with Knowledge@Wharton.

"What is breathtaking to me, once inside, is the scope and the number of initiatives that are being
undertaken in parallel by all of [Microsoft’s product] groups. It’s a much more nuanced business than I
had appreciated. You can know something intellectually, but when you actually see it and get a chance to interact with the groups, it’s [quite] interesting".

So what are the new things that will drive Microsoft then??

"So each group within Microsoft — and in our industry — is at a point where we should be saying, "If we’re aspiring to deliver productivity to a customer, how should we best weave that into services that are deployed through a browser? What aspects do you want mobile? What kind of synchronization should automatically be built in? Should I use the camera in that mobile device to snap a picture of the white board and have it automatically go up to the service and integrate it with the other documents related to this meeting that I’m working on?"

In each solution within our business, the people who are running those businesses should look at their
customers and say, "Given these new tools at my customers’ disposal, how should we reshape this?" And I think that is potentially disruptive innovation in a positive way.

And what about SaaS and Microsoft’s view??

"So the way I view it is, first generation "software as a service" really just meant browser. Second
generation means weave together hardware, software and services to accomplish a specific solution.
The iPod is a great example of that. You have hardware, the embedded software on the device and an
associated [online] service. The BlackBerry is another great example [of the combination of] hardware,
software and service. The Xbox is a terrific example — you’ve got amazing software in the games,
hardware to support it and Xbox Live as a service."

You can download this article at Knowledge@Wharton

This is the title: The Man Who Would Change Microsoft: Ray Ozzie’s Vision for Connected Software
Published: April 04, 2007 in Knowledge@Wharton

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