An Ode to Vijay Neelakantan and Guus’ Presentation(Day 2 & 3)

Yes, I have been late, not keeping my promise to myself on updating my blog every week.  This part of the post happens to be the last one in the series and I am sure that Microsoft Dynamics Solutions and Guus will go a long way in keeping their promises.

Guus, talks about the way prospects select products especially in a B2B buying decision.

1) Look for the solutions with the best match;

2) Find out what the expenses are


3) "Tell us what the return is!"

The 3rd point is a fascinating one to work on as it’s left undisclosed most of the times.  You don’t have to believe that the customer knows it as most of the time he does not.  Understanding the ROI & TCO in a way that makes sense to a client is very important.  It give a leading edge over the competition.  It is advised that the play be more lax in the exactness of the ROI approach with SME’s and a more detailed one can be presented to large corporate account segments. 

The advantages of being more vertical focused are many and some of them are presented below:

  • Once vs Many
  • Expensive vs Low(er) costs
  • High project risks vs Proven solutions
  • Difficult to sell vs “Seeing is believing”
  • Documentation ? vs Documentation !
  • Long lasting projects vs Short projects
  • Migration ? vs Migration !
  • Etc.

The idea remains to make a proposition in which both the vendor and the client gets his share of the pie.  The areas where the is a lack of synergy should be removed from the proposition that is made as this will lead to a negative return to both the businesses involved in the deal.

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