An Ode to Vijay Neelakantan and Guus’ Presentation(Day 1)


It’s Rajyotsava day at Bangalore today.  Karnataka was declared an Indian state 50 years ago and we Bangaloreans feel proud about what this city has provided to the Indian economy and also led to the terms like getting Bangalored.  As the world gets flatter, I wonder how many new words will spring up in the dictionary.

On the first day of our seminar presented by Guus Krabbenborg the focus was on:

  • Positioning Dynamics & key selling points
  • An introduction in sales methodology
  • Solution selling

This encompasses the Dynamics Product and the services provided by the Microsoft Partner).  Posted below are some facts which he presented. 

There’s different levels of positioning, like:

Microsoft as a vendor-Using the Power of Microsoft.  Talk about  R&D Budgets, talk about Product focus, compare the best figures with regards to what the competition has to offer 

The Dynamics solutions – Position on the Dynamics waves

You as a MBS partner – Positioning the importance of your partnership with Microsoft

Your role as a partner – What is your role as a Microsoft Partner and what do you offer ?

Your (vertical) solutions – What’s your divergence from the competition in the market?

Your implementation method – How you do it? Is there a tested and successful methodology you use?

Yourself as a sales person – In case you’re a sales person, this is the most important point.

In my next post, I will be discussing more about what Guus Krabbenborg taught us in the second day of our seminar.

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