An Ode to Vijay Neelakantan and Guus’ Presentation

Vijay Neelakantan, our new Business Development Manager, expired at Hyderabad yesterday.  With the Microsoft Dynamics Group being formed at our organization, Vijay, was to lead the new program in the European region.  He got married recently and was in the process of moving over to Bangalore to join Proteans.  The news was shocking as it took sometime to really believe that my colleague, whom I expected to work with and share my experiences had to pass away at this juncture of his life.  I happened to attend a seminar, hosted by Microsoft in Chennai, which aimed to teach Microsoft Partners like the organization I work in and strengthen their sellling and marketing skills.  The presenter was , Ex- Commercial Director of (part of the MS Dynamics Group now).  The seminar lasted for 3 days and Guus helped us understand a lot about what could be done while selling and expecially while selling Microsoft Business Solutions.  I was to share what I learnt with Vijay, while he moved the MBS program forward.  This blog post is my way of sharing with the readers(I know they aren’t many and I’m still couting) and hopefully a symbolic way of paying an ode to Vijay. 

I hope to break these series on blogs into 3 parts.

  • Day 1 (Sales)
    Positioning (including addressing small, mid-market and CAS prospects) 
    Sales methodology
    Solution selling
  • Day 2 (Sales)
    Qualification of prospects
    TCO & ROI
    Funnel management
  • Day 3 (Sales & Pre-Sales)
    How to make a (winning) demo
    Proposal – Best Practices

I will introduce screenshots of the presentation when required.  I hope to start this series of presentations tomorrow and set on something for what I learnt. 

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