Social Networking Sites and Business-An excerpt from a Wharton study


I was going through a recent Wharton study( and found something interesting about where my thought processes are also heading towards.

I have been looking at the rate of growth of the social networking sites like Orkut ( You could connect with me…) and was wondering on the possibility of using these sites as a vehicle to launch our wave of ideas and products.  I keep getting ads like -make money in your free time and many more.  Although many people have been using this medium bot communicate their marketing pitch, the efforts look barely good.  There are 2 things here.  One thing being, the social networking site expands itself to other areas of the market(other people-professional, age, gender Etc) using the same brand or works on something which P&G does.  Remains a multi branded company by changing the brand itself, for example, If all these sites were owned by a single organization (linkedin+Orkut+MySpace+Ryze Etc).  The scholars at Wharton suggest this is a good way to do it as nobody wants to buy a toothpaste from Levis.  An attempt to increase in the targeted users with the same brand might lead to severe band dilution. But what about people who ride the waves created by these network, something I want to do?….

This topic might be interesting and I can only comment after making the exploratory advances there.   

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One Response to Social Networking Sites and Business-An excerpt from a Wharton study

  1. Venkat says:

    It is a interesting idea but i was just wondering from user perspective. i have not read the wharton article yet. As a user i thought i might get very irritated if i am someone uses  a social networking site like orkut for marketing something to me. Once the marketing increases i might even stop using the site like i have abandoned some of my email ids because of junk mails. Wonder what wharton study says..these are just my first thoughts 🙂

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