“Surely you Are Joking, Mr. Feynman”-Some Snapshots(1)

Well, I had a chance to go through this book titled, "Surely you Are Joking, Mr. Feynman", again after quite a while and it made a great read.

Now, I use Google a lot to acquire whatever I can’t keep in my small head.  The question has always been about what needs space and what can be acquired from sources like Google.  Professor. Feynman was a freak in every sense.  While in Princeton he used to move around various groups like Philosophy and life Sciences.  So, he was given a task to related to physics while attending a Biology Class(something he was not working on as his main interest).  He was studying nerve impulses in living beings and the creature being studied was a cat.  So, he starts his lecture by drawing a picture of a cat and naming a few muscles.

The other students in the class interrupt him saying, we know all that.  This is his reply and I have used a similar statement before and you might find it answers a part of the question I talked about earlier.

"Oh," I say, you do? Then no wonder I can catch up with you so fast after you have had 4 years of biology." 

They had wasted all their time memorizing stuff like that, when it could be looked up in 15 minutes.

Selective memory rocks.

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