The Change Function Model For Adopting Technology: A Non-Geek View(2)

Well, it’s been a while.  I was supposed to keep a daily routine but things faltered.  Typhoid entered into my system and I had to rest.  The doc says 2 weeks and you’ll be fine and I could not do it.  1 week and I’m back to work, call it, a relaxed unrest which runs in my mind all the time. 

Now, getting back to the Change function model.  I feel like sharing the example of implementing an enterprise wide CRM to our workflow. 

Tech Adoption = f (crisis, total perceived pain of adoption)

Now, we never were in a crisis in the first place, I would like to give it a better name.  The need to compete made us realize that we should go ahead with implementing the CRM process along with the Application that comes along.  The total perceived pain of adoption was not computed in the first go, but slowly made it’s presence felt as days went by.  The main problem was moving the data from our previous sales tool to this enterprise edition.  This took us quite some time before we could get the system moving.  We do presently know that our work is bearing fruit as time moves by and also this has given our top management team an example on what to do when they make this kind of a purchasing decision.

I managed to review the book, " Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman", while I recuperated last week and hope to go through something interesting, I felt could be shared.

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