Branding to recruit talent(1):


In this series of blogs, I will try to form a picture of how, branding, as a tool, can help Indian IT companies, recruit REAL TALENT.  This term is a confusing one and I don’t claim to be the guru here.

Not many companies are doing this and me being a sales guy, have this picture of attracting talent like they were customers.  We put our best face forward while prospecting for opportunities and this is what needs to be done from the HR’s standpoint as a strategic move.

A good move is to start by evaluating your competition.  The diagram below hints at how competition need not be from your own industry and HR people rarely handle this while making their moves.

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2 Responses to Branding to recruit talent(1):

  1. Jay says:

    Hey Digi nice topic dude… also it is good that you have pointed out the right pain points and how competition varies.. However you could be take sometime explaining the Diagrammm… Keep blogging something interesting and your sure to get updates from my side and macha keep going and i will surely visit your site everyday to see watz new… Cheers…Jay

  2. digvijay says:

    Hey Thanks….I will be explaining stuff as this series of blogs gmoves ahead.   The whole point is that you need ot understand what\’s in it.right?

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